Innovation & Entrepreurship

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Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

In light of the increase in technology-related content and our constant pursuit of delivering quality and accurate work to our clients, we have completed two certificate courses, English for Business and Entrepreneurship (August 2018) and English for Science, Technology, Engineer & Mathematics (June 2019) from the University of Pennsylvania through Coursera to upgrade our knowledge on the lingo particular to the tech industry.

Since then, we have worked on content related to the AI arms race (人工智能竞赛), smart cities (智慧城市), digital technology (数字技术), innovation & entrepreneurship (双创:创新创业) and the innovative entrepreneurial boom (创新创业热潮), unicorn enterprises (独角兽企业), and the modern landscape for the development of technology businesses (科技企业发展的现代版图).

A project we worked on related to Ethereum-powered products (以太坊平台驱动产品) for a blockchain startup (区块链初创公司) has received a great review from our client. We have researched extensively on cryptocurrencies (加密电子货币) to deliver an accurate English to Simplified Chinese copy for the product’s press release. Our client is happy with our efforts.

The fast pace in technology development requires constant upgrading in content knowledge and language use. We endeavor to keep pace with these changes to deliver accurate and quality work.

Amazingly quick and very thorough. Thank you, Bonnie! ~ Oliver, Manchester, UK