Business Empowerment 2020

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

We had a great start to the new year with work coming in from our existing and referral clients. The fresh batch of content provided us a glimpse of the strategies companies had implemented to empower their businesses. We gained valuable insights into how companies identified their confirmation biases and how overcoming them to be more open to new ideas helped them make more informed decisions that grew their business.

One strategy was harnessing the power of synergy to increase reach into new markets through stronger branding. Arriving at a plateau stage after reaching their organic growth capacity locally, companies resolved the roadblock by joining larger international business groups as affiliate companies. The synergy created is win-win, with the group expanding its member companies and the affiliate benefiting from a larger brand presence.

Another strategy was businesses leveling up their customer support as a propeller for growth – by revisiting customer success stories, identifying what worked before, studying what the current wants are, companies could then take high-impact actions to offer a better approach to solve customer pain points.

With the aid of technology and data collection, companies could gather valuable information identifying their target customers, investigating what the market and the competition are offering, upgrading know-how to provide innovative customer experience.

We learned a great deal on assessing business strategies, the importance of adopting a growth mindset, and questioning biases that might limit growth. We have researched extensively on the advantages and effectiveness of the waterfall vs the sprinkler marketing strategies for different business models for our content translation. Our client is happy with our efforts.





Business Growth – what’s next?

Photo by Misael Garcia from Pexels

When planning for growth, companies often ask themselves, what’s the next step for us, what’s bigger and better?

Whether it is by replicating the business nationally or internationally (业务在全国及全球实践复制), integrating the online-offline business   (线上线下相结合) to serve more customers, or transitioning into a business model that could serve a new sector of customers, companies have embraced technology as an integral part of their business growth.

We recently completed a series of Simplified Chinese to English corporate content translations reintroducing companies to investors following their business transitions, where they generated growth by building on their existing know-how through the aid of technology.

  • Companies with offline businesses took notice of the dominant online consumption trend. Through combining physical stores and e-commerce, their products became more accessible to customers        (产品能够覆盖及支持更多客户). The increased sales channels (销售渠道) enabled them to effectively establish their brand locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Companies with their vision in a future of big data calculation and new algorithms (自于大数据计算及新算法未来的愿景) invested heavily in R&D to enable their transition from 2c (to-client) to 2b (to-business) and 2g (to-government) business models, thereby expanding their service channels to a new and broader sector of customers.

The content translation took extensive research, especially into the new scene of advancing new AI technologies (人工智能技术), including predictive analytics applications and facial recognition. We absorbed a new arena of knowledge on intellectual business (智慧业务) where we could deliver accurate and quality work. Our client was happy with our efforts.

“Thank you, Bonnie, the translation was excellent. Thanks for being so efficient!” ~ International media company