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We recently worked on a Traditional Chinese to English magazine article translation for an optician who offers bespoke eyewear service.

Bespoke 西裝大家可能常常聽到,但 Bespoke 眼鏡對很多人來說是一件新鮮事。有人會質疑為什麼要花 800多英鎊訂製一副眼鏡,但在 Bespoke眼鏡世界,追求的是最上乘和體貼的配戴感受。一副個人定制的眼鏡製作過程需要 3 個月時間。 我們相信每副用手造出來的眼鏡都有其特別的意義。「我們為每一個客人創造出最合適他們的眼鏡。其實世界上第一副眼鏡都是用手造的,我們就是保留這份傳統,用心去做好每一件作品,他們戴上後除了感到舒適,還有一份自然以來的信心。」品牌的眼鏡用上高級的醋酸纖維、玳瑁、象牙、水牛角、貝殼等等的材料,部分材料的顏色更會隨時間而出現變化,成為紳士們獨一無二的標記。

You may have heard a lot about bespoke suits, but for many people, bespoke spectacles are something new. Some people may question why one would spend over 800 pounds to order a pair of spectacles, but in the world of bespoke spectacles, it is the pursuit of the finest and most thoughtful fitting experience. The production of a pair of personalized, tailor-made spectacles takes three months. We believe that every pair of handmade spectacles has its special significance.

“We create the most appropriate pair of spectacles for each of our patrons. In fact, the world’s first pair of glasses is made by hand. We are here to carry on with this tradition, pouring our heart into making every pair. In addition to feeling unparalleled comfort after putting on the spectacles, patrons will feel a natural surge of confidence as well.” The brand’s spectacles are made with the finest quality material, acetate, tortoiseshell, ivory, buffalo horn, shells, etc. Color may change with some of the material over time, but it only makes the markings more unique for distinguished connoisseurs.

品牌的 Bespoke 眼鏡不單是由客人選擇眼框的顏色、形狀和物料,更能夠根據其眼型、鼻樑的高低因素特別訂造。眼鏡店劃分為3層,走入店裡在水晶燈下是一個 ready made 眼鏡的陳列空間;地庫牢是驗眼室;二樓是與客人商量Bespoke眼鏡設計的房間。這層的佈置帶點懷舊的味道,淡淡的香氣和爵士音樂。營造出一個和諧的空間。最引人入勝的是那個咖啡色的櫃子,內裡放滿眼鏡的 archive,猶如它的一本歷史讀物。

Not only do the brand’s bespoke spectacles patrons get to choose the color, shape, and material of the frames, the spectacles are tailor-made according to the patron’s eye shapes and profiles.

The optician is divided into three levels. The moment you walk in, you will see a ready-made spectacles display space under the chandelier; the eye examination room is in the basement; the second floor is where bespoke consultations with patrons take place. This level is decorated with a tinge of nostalgia, with a hint of aromatic fragrance and notes of jazz, creating a truly harmonious space. Most fascinating is the brown cabinet, a treasured archive filled with spectacles, a living history book.

The article had beautifully captured the optician’s long and distinguished history providing bespoke eyewear service to the well-heeled. We especially loved the description on the decor and ambiance that brought old-world charm to life. Our client was happy with our translation.

Really good stuff. I think we shall be working together in the future! – Jamie, London

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