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We worked on both English to Traditional Chinese and English to Simplified Chinese brochure translations for a care home investment based in U.K. in 2017. Ran by an impressive operations team “recognized and approved by commissioners, inspectorates, the National Health Service (NHS), and social services”, the team has been commissioned to manage projects and provide care homes for hedge funds, worldwide investment groups, overseas hospitals, and governments.”


The brochure provided detailed information on market analysis, how to invest, investment benefits, opportunities, exit strategies, complete with FAQ.

Market Analysis*


Why invest in UK care homes?


Britain’s population is ageing. In 2012 the number of people aged 65 and older surpassed 10m for the first time; they now outnumber those aged 16 and under.

英國人口正在老化。 2012年,65歲及以上的人數首次超過1000萬; 他們的人數現超過16歲及以下的人。

The over 85 age group is now the fastest growing demographic in the UK, as we all live longer through improvements in health, diet and preventative care. Over the next 20 years the age group is set to grow by 106%, to over 2.6m people.


This trend will be accelerated over the coming decades by the inevitable retirement of the so-called ‘baby boomer’ generation (born when Britain experienced a markedly higher birth rate between 1946 and 1964). Those born at this time are now beginning to reach retirement age and are set to have a dramatic effect on the people, society, and the economy of the UK.


With this dramatic population change comes an increasing demand for specialist dementia and nursing care. There are currently over 800,000 people living with dementia -a figure that will rise to 1m by 2021, and more than double by 2050.

隨著這人口急劇增長,專營老人癡呆症和護理的需求日益增加。目前有80多萬人患有老人癡呆症 – 這個數字到2021年將會上升到100萬,到2050年將增加一倍以上。

Significantly, the number of people of working age supporting our ageing population – known as the ‘dependency ratio’ – is moving in the opposite direction; declining from 4 people per retiree at present to 2.5 by 2035 and 2 by 2050.


It is clear, therefore, that the care home market has a significant and central role to play in our future society, with increasing demand for high quality accommodation, care, and funding.


“The combined market value for care for older people in the UK is currently estimated to be worth £22.2bn, of which £13.4bn is attributable to residential care and £8.8bn to nonresidential care.”


“As the number of elderly people with high care needs in the UK is expected to increase significantly over the next 20 years, there will be a growing need for modern, fit-for-purpose care homes.”


“There are over 400,000 people living in care homes in the UK, and around 80,000 units in existing care home stock are reaching obsolescence.”


Sources: ONS, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Royal Geographic Society


Your Benefits


  • Excellent return on investment (8 -12% per annum) GUARANTEED Buy-back options (3, 5 ,9,15 & 25 years)
  • 優質投資回報(每年8-12%)保證回購期權(3,5,9,15及25年)
  • Recession-proof investment – assessed care is inevitably required Room variants depending on investment level (£75,000 and up) Ethical investment
  • 抗經濟衰退投資 – 評估護理是必不可少的,房間變化取決於投資水平(£75,000及以上)道德投資
  • Demand for beds expected to exceed 40,000 by 2020 High demand locations
  • 預計到2020年,床鋪需求將超過4萬,高需求地點
  • Specialised fit-for-purpose buildings & equipment Qualified & experienced management teams Skilled & trained workforce
  • 專門,以目標為本的建築及設備,合資格及經驗豐富的管理團隊,熟練及訓練有素的員工隊伍
  • Multi-faceted specialist service offerings (residential, nursing, dementia & mental health, and learning disability)
  • 多範疇專門服務(住宿,護理,老人癡呆症,精神健康以及學習障礙人士)
  • Fully assessed and bespoke care packages
  • 全面評估和定制護理計劃
  • Design for Dementia*
  • 設計專門給患老人癡呆症人士*
  • Individual, fully managed care homes
  • 個人化,完全管理的護理院舍

Through working on this project, we have learned tons of information on home care for the elderly, the health and daily challenges an elderly person may face, the aging population that is growing rapidly all over the world, the investment opportunities inherent with the “silver hair” population, and the buying power of the “grey pound”.

We had done due diligence researching on the professional qualifications of the health team personnel, and on dementia and palliative care. Our client was happy with our efforts.

“The translation was very good and returned in good time.” – Rohan, U.K.