Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

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We worked on a Simplified Chinese to English strategic partnership agreement translation last month. The agreement focused on facilitating the sharing of professional advantages and resources between a digital content creation, production business based in Beijing and a CG-related, animation business based in Amsterdam.


Party A is a professional organization that engages in digital content business whose professional reputation is highly esteemed in mainland China. Party B is a professional organization that engages in digital content business with extensive customer resources outside China.


Both parties A and B seek to establish a close-knit business alliance by integrating their technical and resource advantages in their respective professional fields, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of individual or both parties, in providing quotations and delivering services to their existing or potential customers.


Both Parties A and B confirm that: During the cooperation period, either party as each other’s partner, upon accepting the invitation from the business contracted party, may participate in the contracted business, applying resources such as technology and equipment, by way of joint offering, both parties could provide project owners with better products and service.


The areas of mutual business cooperation between the two parties, on a global scale, will involve animation production, game CG, theme park-related content, VFX post-production, large-scale special events, and so on. Such content may be adjusted following supplementary consultation and negotiation from both parties in the future.


Both parties A and B will share all relevant proposals in production case scenarios for an owner’s project during the cooperation period, to ensure the necessary flow of business activities and employment of unified external communication.

The agreement highlighted the benefits, rights, and responsibilities of the strategic alliance between two businesses that were established in their fields. We learned a lot of new content in digital creation, VFX post-production, and theme park management. Our client was happy with our work.

“True professional work, very responsive, quick turnaround time, will definitely work with Bonnie again.” – Jianchao, Beijing